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MusicLab: Welcome

The audible world develops rapidly. New technologies of recording, simulation, storage, distribution, and reproduction of sounds are a part of our daily life.

Specific demands of music production, movie- and eGame soundtracks, and internet audio require continuous research and development of audio technologies.

Studying physics and technologies, the goal remains to enhance the listening experience, and therefore sound aesthetics and the related psychoacoustic research will be present in the SE MUSICLAB.


Located in Bern, Switzerland, we offer our international clients the SE MUSICLAB as a high-quality easily accessible facility in a city environment with the Bernese Oberland close by.

The SE MUSICLAB presents the first robotic fabricated clay wall:



Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zürich

Contracting authority: SE MUSICLAB - Jürgen Strauss, Manuel Frick, Filippo Melena, Anna Imfeld-Aebischer, Markus Imfeld
Staff: Coralie Ming (project lead), David Jenny, Hannes Mayer (Senior Researcher-in-Charge), Edurne Morales, Anton Johansson, Indra Santosa, Jomana Baddad, Nicolas Feihl, Selen Ercan Jenny, Jesus Medina, Karol Wojtas
Support: Mike Lyrenmann and Philippe Fleischmann (Robotic Fabrication Laboratory, ETH Zurich), Andi Reusser (Institute for Building Materials, ETH Zurich)
Chosen experts: Seforb Sàrl - Joerg Habenberger, ant design studio
Chosen contractors: LEHMAG AG - Felix Hilgert
Industry Partner: Brauchli Ziegelei AG, Wirz AG Bauunternehmung
Sponsors: Wirz AG Bauunternehmung, Welti Furrer, Eberhard, Siemens, Geberit, ETH Zürich Foundation

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