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As a swiss research facility we use advanced computer modeling to recreate acoustic phenomena, offering an unprecedented level of precision in listening experiences thanks to a 3D Sound System and unrivaled room acoustics, engineered by Strauss. Join us at the forefront of electroacoustic innovation as we decode the intricacies of sound propagation and provide a platform to explore, analyze and design acoustic environments with scientific rigor. Immerse yourself in a world where sound meets technology and experience the future of auralization with us.


Embark on a sonic journey with our cutting-edge Research & Development services, paving the way for the future of 3D audio and spatial audio innovation. Our expert-led exploration spans spatial audio algorithms, HRTF modeling, immersive VR/AR experiences, Ambisonics, object-based audio, cross-platform compatibility, acoustic simulation, and groundbreaking hardware solutions. We delve into the science of human perception, ensuring an auditory experience you will remember.

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With various projects from BMW-Museum München, Max-Plank-Insitute For Empirical Aesthetics and many others, Jürgen Strauss became a renowned acoustic engineer. With a team of carefully selected experts and partners in the field, we guarantee specialist acoustic planning at highest level.



In order to make "SE MUSICLAB" accessible to the creators and pioneers of our field, our recording room can be rented. As SE MUSICLAB, we research and test various 3D microphone techniques. We invite you to gain experience, make all the necessary steps and record in a in all imaginable formats in a highly professional environment.



Unleash creativity and amplify collaboration! Rent our Research Facility and Spatial Audio Lab for a one-of-a-kind experience. Elevate your business events, team gatherings, and special occasions in a space where innovation meets fun. Reserve your date and let the excitement begin!

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