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Studio: Welcome


Are you looking for a unique recording venue? Interested in one of the following topics?

  • Looking for a rich and soft piano take

  • Recording your violin without harshness

  • Requiring a transparent and clear sound

  • Looking for the possibility to make your double bass never sound boomy

  • Looking for high dynamic and big space impression 

  • Hear the tiny noises of musical instruments

The STUDIO is a recording space with extraordinary acoustic quality, very well suited for voices and acoustical instruments.

Given its room acoustic with variable reverberation time, all kinds of electroacoustic sound reinforcement systems can be used.

The geometry makes sure that there are no problems with flutter echo or dominating standing waves and modal phenomenon. A system of Helmholtz-resonators in combination with fabric roller blind offers a variable room acoustic.

A collection of high-quality microphones and state of the art AD-converters is on your disposal. Attached to the STUDIO is a control room for the monitoring.


Floor                                      38 m2

Height                                    6 m

Noise                                     below 25 dB, typically

Reverberation time               0.5 seconds up to 1.2 seconds

Selective resonators             20 Hz up to 300 Hz​

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